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Nouveau 94: A fresh era with the freestyle “Yang Yu”!

At the heart of the French rap scene’s meteoric rise, in the Southeast of Paris, within the area encompassing Orly – Choisy – Vitry, emerged the legendary Mafia K1 Fry. Supported by iconic figures such as the 113, Kery James and his partner Ideal J, along with Rohff, who also left his mark on the rap scene for a time, the Mafia K1 Fry contributed significantly to both Gangsta rap and conscious rap. It’s a pivotal chapter in French rap history, akin to the impact of the Secteur Ä from Sarcelles, Lunatik from the 92, and the legendary groups NTM and IAM.

However, since then… While the 94 department has seen the rise of great rappers, no collective, whether within the 94 or elsewhere, has managed to establish itself as a complete group. No one has yet succeeded in bringing together the entire 94 as depicted in the famous clip “Pour ceux” directed by Kourtrajmé. This is the goal of this group formed within the department, comprising talents such as LIL, IGO.R, DZI, MERCO, ST530, HONDURAS, JACK D, SIKARIO, and DELKA. The tone is dark, the lyrics profound!

Nouveau 94: A fresh era with the freestyle “Yang Yu“!

The musical composition of this track is the work of MacMuzik. This talented producer has also contributed to productions like “Outro” by Djadja & Dinaz, “Yamanaka” by Sicario, and “Pas ralentir” by Mig. The music is obscure and powerful. The artists deliver with dynamism, offering an exceptional result in terms of both writing and flow. This “Nouveau 94” is simply impressive.

“I’m IGO.R, I don’t know if you know me, but I’m respected by the thugs in your area.”

This 100% authentic 94 track was, of course, filmed in the neighborhoods of this department. The direction is by 1.9.3 Films. This director recently collaborated with La F on the “TNF Freestyle“.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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