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Cinco’s Creative and Socially Conscious Music Video “BBM”

In 2022, Cinco unveiled his album “Sacrifices,” featuring prestigious collaborations with artists such as Josman, Tsew the Kid, Franglish, Tiakola, and Béné. The artist possesses a unique artistic personality, and he showcases it remarkably in his captivating and socially conscious music video “BBM.”

Cinco protests against violence!

At times, science fiction proves to be the most effective means to critique society. It’s no coincidence that after the election of Trump, George Orwell’s book “1984” became an absolute classic in the United States because it depicted a society of “fake news” and democratic facades. Cinco’s video envisions France in 10 years. In this France, Cinco takes on the role of a pastor, akin to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Racial riots shake the nation.

The instrumental composition of the song is signed by Baby Goat, a 21-year-old beatmaker heavily influenced by Metro Boomin and southern productions. His work on this two-part instrumental is impressive, revealing a true personality behind the production.

The video’s direction was entrusted to Brume, within the setting of a church. This is a video that must be discovered without delay.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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