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Bu$hi soars to new heights alongside Quavo!

The artistic journey of Bu$hi took flight in 2017 when he joined the collective Lyonzon alongside Ashe22. In the vibrant universe of the promising French music scene, Lyonzon and 667 consistently hold a significant place. This time, the artist who unveiled the track “Mandela” in 2024 is back, this time with Quavo in tow, adding a bilingual dimension to his discography. In 2022, Bu$hi was listed among the rappers to watch according to Booska-P.

Bu$hi soars to new heights alongside Quavo!

In an interview with “Our Generation Music” in 2023, Bu$hi suggests that he doesn’t dwell much on French rap, except for “his friends and the big artists.” Indeed, the artist, having spent a significant period in the United States, is already on the other side of the Atlantic.

However, the composition of his latest track aligns entirely with the French music scene, featuring the collaboration of 2K, a former member of the prestigious Double X, and Yakes. 2K, known for notable collaborations with Kaaris and SCH on the track “Cigarette,” as well as with Werenoi and Guizmo, attests to his expertise. Yakes, on the other hand, has collaborated closely with Kalash Criminel, notably on the controversial album “Sélection naturelle.”

The composition of the piece is minimalist, exuding a “Caviar Rap” ambiance. The two artists deliver smooth punchlines, surrounded by their crew, in a cave that has become the go-to space for a few hours.

The highly energetic music video was directed by Hidjii, a renowned collaborator who has worked with artists such as A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Metro Boomin.

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