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Are Zola and Koba LaD “Paranoid”?

Zola and Koba LaD represent the new wave of rap superstars, poised to inherit the famed “Throne” of the rap game after the departure of the last giants of the 2000s. Their sales figures are already exceptional.

Zola and Koba LaD: The “Frenemies”!

They are widely acknowledged to excel in all sub-genres of rap. The two artists unveiled a joint project in early 2024 titled “Frenemies”. With this project, now revealing its fourth extract, they cover the entire spectrum of “urban” music. They release the fourth visual from the project, “Parano”.

The first collaboration of this kind in France was the joint project between Vald and Heuss L’Enfoiré. During the COVID period, they met in a studio and discussed a joint album. Heuss L’Enfoiré and Vald released “Horizon Vertical” with their two dedicated beatmakers: Seezy and Zeg P.

Are Zola and Koba LaD “Paranoid”?

The first three extracts of the project were rap-oriented, but this latest track, composed by DJ Kore, features a slightly Latin melody with some guitar notes. The two artists do not sing, but the combination is softer than usual. At the composition, we find DJ Kore. The founder of the A.W.A label is also one of the most “decorated” beatmakers in France. His tag “AWA Mafia” is well known in the rap world. He composes for SCH, Lacrim, and Booba. The rapper Zola has been signed to his label since his beginnings.

The beatmaker reveals a pleasant, easy-listening track that suits the style of these two rappers who can also produce harder tracks. The two brash rappers open up in this somewhat introspective track: “Despite the hardships, we have faith in God, the knives in the back, I didn’t return them” for Koba, while Zola states: “She tells me she’s not a whore, it’s just the world that’s small (Yeah, yeah) / As far as I’m concerned, I can do what I want with her, even though she’s taken (Taken)”.

The visual for the track is shot in a desert-like setting. The two men traveled extensively for the production of their clip. Bien Vu is at the helm. The production company collaborated in 2023 with Beendo Z on the track “Garde à vue” and with Hiro on “Ça fait du bien”.

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