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Popey Releases the Surprise Project “A découvert”!

Popey, a rising star in the French rap scene, has just announced the release of his latest musical project, titled “A découvert”. This new album comes after a nearly two-year hiatus following the release of “Palette”, his debut album. With its 13 exclusive tracks, “A découvert” clearly aligns with Scam Rap, a genre that emphasizes the rapid pursuit of wealth, a concept that initially gained popularity in the United States.

Popey, a pioneer of this movement in France, had previously touched on this theme in his single “French Bank”. This album notably features a significant collaboration with Genezio on the track “SANS TOI”, blending the styles of the two artists for a more rhythmic output, aimed at captivating their audience. With “A découvert”, Popey aims not only to strengthen his position in the French rap landscape but also to reinforce his connection with his audience through innovative productions and his unique style.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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