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Freeze Corleone announces “Attack of the Clones” for September 11th!

Freeze Corleone announces “Attack of the Clones” for September 11th! At least, there is a logical continuation in Freeze Corleone’s storytelling. Before the release of “The Phantom Menace”, Rapmattaz had written an article about Freeze Corleone’s “anti-Semitic drifts.”


Freeze “Corleone” à l’Assemblée Nationale !

♬ son original – Zez XXI – Hell Sinky

After the release of his first album titled after the first episode of the Star Wars series, there was such an outcry that some radio stations, like Skyrock, removed Freeze Corleone from their programming. However, despite being the subject of a “question to the government” in the National Assembly, the rapper effortlessly achieved a platinum record, highlighting the ideological gap that separates the rap audience from its elites.

Just a few hours ago, the artist announced his second solo album titled “Attack of the Clones,” which shares its name with the second episode of the Star Wars series. The album is scheduled for release on September 11th. The artist is more than provocative. In his latest track, he already responds to his critics with the punchline: “I’d rather be accused of anti-Semitism than rape like Darmanin.” The rapper, who references Hitler, despite his third-worldist image, shows an ideological proximity to the far right.

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