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Experience “French Touch” with Solal H

Parisian rapper Solal H invites us to dive into a unique musical experience with the release of his latest EP titled “French Touch.” This album presents itself as a contemporary erotic fable, capturing the very essence of French charm through the artist’s distinctive vision.

The natural question that arises is: “Why French Touch?” The answer lies in Solal H‘s deep attachment to his hometown, Paris, and his desire to convey his personal vision of charm through a captivating and carnal story.

Through sometimes raw lyrics, the artist unveils multiple facets of his personality, oscillating between the gentleman 2.0, the disillusioned romantic, and the sex addict, leading to a liberating resolution. Each track of the EP reveals a part of this contemporary erotic fable, providing a total immersion into Solal H‘s intimate universe.

The artist’s impactful flow is beautifully complemented by intoxicating hip-hop productions, creating a captivating sonic atmosphere. Solal H, immersed since childhood in a bohemian and eclectic environment, brings a unique dimension to his music. It’s worth noting that his stepfather even conducted one of the first interviews with Ministère Amer, placing Solal H in an influential lineage within the French music scene.

As an entrepreneur passionate about music and luxury cars, Solal H embodies the rebellious jack-of-all-trades, spontaneous and unafraid of contradictions. His musical journey dates back to 2010 with Garageband, while concurrently developing his business in the automobile sector.

Solal H‘s first EP emerged in 2021, with the standout track “L’homme de l’été” setting the tone for his subsequent career. With “French Touch,” his second project, the artist invites listeners on a sensual and carefree journey, promising a musical experience rich in emotions and turbulence.

In summary, Solal H once again demonstrates his exceptional talent by offering an EP that transcends the boundaries of conventional rap. “French Touch” is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s an immersion into the sensory and provocative universe of Solal H, an artist who continues to push boundaries and captivate his audience with his overflowing creativity.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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