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Yamê unveil his new project and his single “Bahwai” 

Yamê unveil his new project and his single “Bahwai”. This Friday, Yamê unveiled his album titled “Elowi.” This project, devoid of collaborations, is designed as a true musical calling card for the rapper. In addition, Yamê also revealed the music video for “Bahwai.”

Yamê celebrates the release of his album with “Bahwai.”

The artist, who made a memorable appearance on Colors, possesses a truly unique style within the landscape of French rap. Moving between rap and soul, he has a distinctive voice in an international rap scene increasingly homogenized by the trends that sweep through it.

The instrumental production of this track is the result of the artist’s own work in collaboration with Pandrezz, the beatmaker originally from Paris, who has notably worked with Squeezie and Zeu. In this intentionally muddled atmosphere, the composition intertwines with the artist’s voice, which remains the central element of the whole.

The music video was directed by Yvan Arhan and Augure, and it stands out with its highly stylized style, using metaphors to illustrate the artist’s journey towards success..

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