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Wejdene literally ignites with “Le Feu”!

The talented Wejdene, aged 19, undergoes a true “metamorphosis”. Emerging straight from massive TikTok buzz, the artist decides to undergo a radical change in style. After her second project, “Glow up,” she returns with the EP “W,” offering a seductive R’n’B sound. To introduce this new project, she unveils the fiery track “Le Feu.”

Wejdene literally ignites with “Le Feu”!

The sensual instrumental composition of this song is crafted by Zeg P, Seezy, and Manu Mann. You can find Zeg P at Affranchis Music, where he closely collaborated with Seezy, the designated beatmaker for Vald on the “Horizon Vertical” project, a collaborative album between the latter and Heuss L’Enfoiré. Manu Mann, on the other hand, has made his mark on tracks like “Comme avant” and “Rechute” by Wejdene. The composition is characterized by its slowness, sensuality, and languor. Wejdene performs as if in a contemporary cabaret, surrounded by a talented team of dancers.

This undeniably marks the artistic rebirth of Wejdene. In an interview with Amazon Music in January 2023, she reveals that her best years were spent in school, stating: “When she went to school in the morning, she was always happy.” The Wejdene presenting the track “Le Feu” now demonstrates a gained maturity. After the resounding success of her track “Anissa” and the relative lull with “Glow Up”, the singer has chosen to follow her passions.

The music video was entrusted to Baebymama, an eccentric and talented director who has just completed the latest project for Lala &ce with the visual for “Toxic.”.

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