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Warped unveils “Sa Ka Bay”!

Warped, artist, songwriter, and performer, embodies the musical soul of Guadeloupe. Through his songs, he explores profound themes such as racism and negritude, inspired by iconic figures like Aimé Césaire and Youssoupha, who even dedicated an album to him. In addition to his social reflections, he also portrays everyday life in Guadeloupe. Recently, he unveiled his latest track, “Sa Ka Bay”, a vibrant composition that transports us to the idyllic landscapes of Martinique.

Warped unveils “Sa Ka Bay”!

The artist has just joined the ranks of Chabine Prod, a label that already includes talents such as T-Stone and Ojee. In 2020, Warped made waves with the release of his album “La Voix de la Rue”, followed in 2023 by a series of successful singles, including “Tonton”. 
Over a reggaeton instrumental, Warped expresses his creativity through his lyrics. In this text written in Creole, he evokes his daily struggle against jealousy and resentments. Through this single, he also references God and his convictions:

“I’ve already said no, I don’t work for the devil
God has already traced my path, I already have a direction
They want to play, but they know they’re not up to it”

In a stunning video capturing the enchanting landscapes of Martinique, Jima Kanor follows Warped in his daily life, far from urban turmoil. Chabine Prod has already enlisted this director for two music videos of T-Stone, notably “Cœur Noir” in collaboration with Fanny J and “Million”.

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