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Tuta – Solitaire

The prodigious artist from Nantes, Tuta, has just released his sixth solo project, crafted as always in close collaboration with Letreez. Raised in the Port Boyer neighborhood of Nantes, this artist has managed to keep a loyal and dedicated team around him from the start of his career. This sixth project stands out from his previous works due to its originality and depth. In France, storytelling in rap has become an indispensable art, with artists like Ghostface Killah and SCH delivering captivating narratives in their albums “12 Reasons to Die” and “Jvlivs”</, emulating American pioneers who created “How High”, “Bones”, and “The Wash”. Today, turning albums into full-fledged narrative films has become a trend that Tuta does not follow, preferring to avoid gangster narratives.

Having explored various themes in his first five projects, Tuta now seeks to share personal stories, delving into the reasons why he continues to pursue his passion despite facing challenges. Before releasing his latest album, he presented four visual episodes of remarkable quality for an independent artist. Following in the footsteps of the group Hocus Pocus, this western rapper revealed his deep passion, culminating in the release of “Solitaire”. Although “Solitaire” may not be his final project, it undoubtedly represents the pinnacle of his artistic commitment. The album cover, showing him in a movie theater, brilliantly illustrates this concept. Rap, a consuming passion, has carried him to this career peak.

In the latest clip from this project, titled “Solitaire”, Tuta expresses the doubts that plague an artist, both in his career and personal life:

"When I think back on my brothers, and alone, when I want to leave this earth, there's nothing left to do. In the Twingo, brewing a tea. Late at night, if you cross paths with us, there's nothing to lose."

With poignant transparency, he launches this project, intended as a true portrayal of himself. Moving away from the idealized image of a gangster and distancing himself from the moralizing discourses of some rappers, Tuta relies on authenticity to depict a journey where, regardless of success or setbacks, one remains irrevocably “solitaire”.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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