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Tūta dreams of taking flight!

Tūta is an artist hailing from Nantes, specifically from the Port Boyer neighborhood. The artist developed his early freestyles there and honed his writing skills. A relentless worker, he has unveiled 5 projects, the latest being “Capsule”, released in July 2023, recorded at Krumpp and mixed by Letreez. For several months now, the artist has been releasing episodes. He explains this concept as follows: “Regarding this concept, I wanted to visualize my life by elaborating a scenario to reach the solitary project that explains my lifestyle and, above all, my goal of living from my passion, but there are many obstacles and sacrifices to make.” Why is his life important? “And so, these episodes are a part of my life, everything in them is real, it’s not fiction. In my music, I don’t play a role, I prefer to remain authentic and tell my life story or my vision of things.” The third volume, “S’envoler”, has just been released.

Tūta dreams of taking flight!

The instrumental production is the work of Evi Beats, a leading figure in beatmaking in France, who actively contributes to the career of Werenoi, “the new star” in French rap, by composing tracks like “Laboratoire”, from his latest project, as well as “Crédibilité” and “Vulgaire”. The track is ethereal, with a few arpeggios looping over a powerful beat, complementing the artist’s vocals with a masterful use of vocoder.

There’s a bit of revenge but a lot of determination in the track. The rapper tells his artist’s life story without excessive egotism or superlatives about a Thug Life. Amidst a few well-delivered rhymes, he upholds honesty and talent as defenses in his quest for success.

The video, shot near the sea on the west coast, was directed by Jjims, known for directing “Creepy Flow” by Fred Killah, among others.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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