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The Musical Parcours of SenSey: From Football to Making Music

SenSey’ has just unveiled his new single “Parcours.” The track is taken from his upcoming project “Hokage,” which will be available on October 27th. In the video and the title, the artist hailing from Melun, in the department 77, presents a brief biopic about the events that led him from football to music.

SenSey’ is telling his life story!

The instrumental composition of the song is the work of The White. Driven by guitar arpeggios and a rather catchy bassline, the music has a slow tempo, allowing the artist ample space to calmly narrate his story.

In the track, SenSey’ shares his background, his beginnings in football and in music. He acknowledges along the way that football took him away from his hometown, Melun. It’s an emotional testimony that will resonate with many listeners.

The video, characterized by well-crafted storytelling, was directed by Nono.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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