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Thatboy releases his new track, “NTM”!

THATBOY is an artist originating from the island of La Réunion. But as they say, no one is a prophet in their own country, right? THATBOY, like many artists from the Dom Tom,amasses thousands of views on his tracks. His journey leads him to settle in Ménilmontant, just a stone’s throw away from Belleville and Couronnes, in an artists’ quarter, driven by the desire to conquer the metropolis: “500 years later, I come to reconquer Europe, what was stolen from me, I come back to take it through Hip Hop” (“La Fama” – Rocca). In La Réunion, Thatboy was at festival electrotropicales music, collaborating notably with Jok’Air. He now presents his latest track, “NTM”, which aims to be a blend of style and relaxation.

THATBOY releases his new track, “NTM”!

The artist draws inspiration from US rap, influenced by figures such as Joey Bada$$, the Wu-Tang Clan, MF Doom, Nas, and 50 Cent. He embraces the Hustle mentality and promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship. Recently, he even founded his own label to leverage his work.

And listening to his track “NTM”, one can’t help but feel the essence of US rap, with a distinctly American ambiance and style. THATBOY delivers his punchlines with surgical precision, without haste, without shouting. The video, directed by frvncklinn follows the artist in a minimalist yet evocative setting. frvncklinn manages to perfectly capture the distinctly US spirit of THATBOY.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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