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TH invited by Kore to “Friends & Family #4”

TH invited by Kore to “Friends & Family #4”A prominent figure in French hip-hop music production, Kore has built an exceptional reputation by collaborating with a multitude of rappers, including the most renowned, at least once in their careers.

TH invited by Kore to “Friends & Family #4”

Currently, he heads the label AWA, where the artist Zola notably stands out. Beyond his label duties, Kore orchestrated a collaborative project for the soundtrack of the film “En passant Pécho”, providing him with an opportunity for full creativity in grouped conceptual initiatives.

In his project “Friends & Family”, Kore sets out to produce a collection of distinct singles, forming a mixtape that brings together both established artists and emerging talents. The guiding principle is to showcase his unique artistic vision through collaboration with these artists.

TH is the fourth artist to join the game. He has just unveiled his EP “Signal”, including the visual for “Eurostar”. A highly visible rookie, he makes an impact. With an instrumental composition by Nutso Thugn, as dark as TH‘s tone in his “FPR”, the rapper imposes his style in a street clip directed by Preston Mayers, who has also produced the visual for “Glacier” for him.

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