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Hailing from Bondy Nord, TH is undoubtedly one of the rappers who defines the resurgence of the 93. Operating within a rather dark style, which leans towards Trap but with a true uniqueness he has dubbed “E-Trap,” the artist delivers sharp invectives over rhythmic instrumental productions. After unveiling three singles (“AUDI RS, GLACIER, DIABOLO ET SATANAS“), he recently released his EP “Si,” featuring tracks “Eurostar” and “Satan II.” He has just unveiled the visual for “Eurostar.”

Produced by JayJay (Alpha Wann) and Ikaz Boi (Damso), the production is both dark and eerie, perfectly complementing the highly distinctive atmosphere of TH‘s music. The video was shot during the artist’s participation in the London carnival, under the direction of Preston Mayers. TH undeniably stands out with a well-defined artistic identity.

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