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Tayron Kwidam’s and BryanMG unveil “Drunk&Luv”!

Tayron Kwidam’s is a Swiss singer of Congolese origin, whose career began in 2017. Since then, he has remarkably blended African and Western sounds. With tracks like “Dantsido”, “Tentation”, and “Compliqué”, he has garnered attention on TikTok, marking his initial steps in the music industry. His breakthrough came with a contract signing with Warner Music France. Recently, he introduced “Drunk & Luv” to the public, his first single under this new label.

Tayron Kwidam’s and BryanMG unveil “Drunk&Luv”!

This title echoes a previous hit by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, released a few years ago. In this collaboration, Tayron Kwidam’s shares the mic with BryanMG, a talented Belgian artist. As with some of his previous tracks, the instrumental composition of this song is crafted by Sam Heaven.

Tayron Kwidam’s‘s musical journey has also led him to work with renowned artists. He collaborated with Booba on “Dernière fois”, a song that concluded the latter’s penultimate album, titled “Ultra”. He also enlisted Youssoupha for tracks like “Amapiano” and “Zaïrois”. With its catchy rhythm infused with reggaeton, “Drunk & Luv” promises to liven up many evenings with its romantic and captivating vibe.

The visual accompanying this song showcases the two artists at various events, reflecting the festive atmosphere of the track. Directed by Yanis Djam, this simple yet effective clip perfectly complements the essence of the song. This director, who has also collaborated with Junior Bendo and Vegedream on “Faut pas toucher” and with Keblack and Dopeboy on “Kel Bail”, brings his distinctive touch to this project.

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