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Smarza Unveils “Lune”, the Final Chapter of the Eclipse Trilogy

Growing up in the Parisian suburbs, specifically in the 94, Smarza’s favorite art form since childhood has been writing, which he eventually translated into music, with the primary goal of delivering messages. Driven by a thirst for learning and adventure, he ventured out of his suburban upbringing to embark on numerous journeys around the globe. These experiences broadened his horizons, teaching him much about differences, culture, and human behavior, imbuing his music with a distinctly eclectic flair. Now, he has finally released “Lune”, the last installment of his Eclipse trilogy.

Inspired by his quest for knowledge and exploration, Smarza drew from his travels to shape his work. These experiences expanded his horizons, bringing about an eclectic perspective that he injects into his music. “Lune” stands out with its deep, dark sounds, infused with captivating storytelling. In contrast to “Soleil”, which had a light, danceable feel with Afro-Latin rhythms, and “Éclipse”, which straddled the line between the two worlds, “Lune” delves into emotional depths with palpable intensity.

The album explores profound and universal themes, navigating the intricacies of the human condition. Each track is a journey in itself, inviting the listener to delve into the depths of the soul. Smarza’s poignant lyrics transport the listener through a kaleidoscope of emotions, evoking memories, dreams, and aspirations.

Through “Lune”, Smarza emerges as a modern-day storyteller, weaving tales that transcend linguistic and cultural boundaries. His musical exploration offers an ode to the diversity and richness of the human experience. Every note, every word is an invitation to explore life’s nuances in a new light.

In an era where music often feels fleeting, “Lune” provides a timeless experience, a testament to the art of storytelling through music. It is a poignant final chapter in the Eclipse trilogy, but also the beginning of a new adventure for Smarza, who will surely continue to captivate and inspire his audience with his boundless talent and creative spirit.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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