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Sigma – Nouveaux anges

Sigma makes a comeback with “Nouveaux anges”, his new three-track EP set to be released on December 1, 2023. This latest work seems to solidify Sigma’s digital direction, as he aims to make his mark in this musical style while introducing additional nuances. The EP features collaborations with Tosmah on production, Ibo Studio handling the recording, mixing, and mastering, and Salucv contributing the visuals.

Drawing inspiration from the streets of Montpellier, Sigma, nicknamed the “discreet cyborg” in his song “C’est ma vie”, builds his character and artistic direction away from the limelight, yet never fails to command attention when he’s on the mic. Constantly engaged in self-reflection, the artist expresses his emotions and feelings, fluctuating between gentle and aggressive punchlines, over both ingenious and varied productions. Sigma, an embodiment of an oxymoron, combines modesty with calculated discretion, thereby crafting a unique ethos that garners admiration from his audience.

The line “War is the price of peace” from his track “Dichotomie” highlights the importance of acknowledging Sigma and his ability to make an impact in the rap world. His project “ONISM”, released in 2023, placed him in the digital rap realm. With pitch-shifted vocals that convey deep melancholy, Sigma brings us closer to his world. The title of this EP, representing the frustration of living an entire life in a single body, is constructed as a journey, from the engine noises in the intro to the robotic voice in the outro.

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