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Sifax: Authentic rap with “Plata II”!

Sifax: Authentic rap with “Plata II“! Sifax has just unveiled the second part of his track “Plata“. After the release of his album “Mentale“, the artist has remained rather discreet. He makes his comeback with a dynamic track where he delivers impactful lyrics.

Sifax: Authentic rap with “Plata II“!

The instrumental production of the song was crafted by Saylens. This beatmaker has previously collaborated with Shotas on tracks like “Plus rien à faire ici” and “Bordel“. He also composed the song “Every Day” for Seven Binks. The track is energetic, allowing Sifax to showcase the style he has developed since the beginning of his career.

The video was directed by Lahcen Hajouj. It’s a true street clip.

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