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“Sexy Guitare”: Le Ash in “latino” mode!

Between 2020 and 2023, Le Ash made waves in the Trap music scene. The one who derives his nickname from the character Askeladden, the man of ashes, in Norwegian folk tales, is back with a new concept: the EP “New bebop: Jupiter Jazz”.

“New bebop : Jupiter Jazz” : An EP – film!

The tradition of storytelling in rap dates back many years. We remember tracks like “Elle donne son corps avec son nom” by IAM. Over the years, this phenomenon has grown with narrative albums from Ghostface Killah, notably with “Twelve reasons to die” and the exceptional “36 seasons”. Later, other artists made their mark in the genre with works such as “JVLIVS” by SCH, “Lemonade” by Beyoncé, or “Les étoiles vagabondes” by Nekfeu.

Le Ash attempted to replicate this experience. He presents an EP divided into 7 chapters telling the story of an enigmatic bounty hunter. All visuals are created by MK Prod. The EP blends Boom Bap, G-Funk, along with some jazzy and Latino vibes, as seen in the latest visual release.

Le Ash has just unveiled a new episode with “Sexy Guitare”, featuring the singer Neha.

“Sexy Guitare”: Le Ash in “latino” mode!

As on all tracks of the EP, the beat is crafted by Astronote. The beatmaker had the honor of collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on his hidden album “Untitled”, as well as with the master of French rap, Disiz, on the track “Un frigo, un cœur, et des couilles”. Following the footsteps of the emerging English sensation, Little Simz, with whom he composed “Good for what”. The track has Latin influences, almost bossa nova, and Neha’s sensual voice perfectly complements Le Ash’s deep verses. It’s a striking contrast.

The story takes a turn when Le Ash is hitchhiked by Neha, triggering a strange dialogue in line with the cyberpunk influences and the noir style of the artist.

The visuals were designed by MK Prod. Like Astronote, he has been following Le Ash since his beginnings and even staged his track “Yello”, which dates back over a year.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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