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RK’M – Mauvaises habitudes

RK’M unveils “Bad Habits” and announces his album “Mood Bizarre.”

Talented young rapper, RK’M, is making waves once again with the release of his latest track titled “Bad Habits.” This song serves as an enticing preview of his upcoming album, “Mood Bizarre,” scheduled for October 13th.

The album, consisting of nine tracks, promises an immersion into a world of melodic rap and urban pop, unique to the artist. The tracklist looks to be captivating, allowing us to anticipate a fresh musical experience.

RK’M doesn’t stop at sharing a new song; he also treats us to an original music video accompanying “Bad Habits.” In this video, the rapper takes us to the heart of an authentic African village, isolated from the rest of the world. The video’s story depicts the journey of a young African man, who has been in love for a long time. However, he quickly realizes that he needs money to fulfill his dreams and give wings to this love. The video then takes us into the world of “scammers,” these African con artists who swindle Europeans using false identities and various schemes, including romance scams and fraud on online marketplaces.

This video, directed by Franck Texier, addresses a sensitive issue while strengthening the connection between France and Africa. This connection has its roots in the unique life path of RK’M. Raised in Togo, he left his home country at the age of majority to return to France, his country of birth. This dual nationality is evident in his music, reflecting a distinctive cultural fusion.

RK’M embarked on his music career in Togo, marking the beginning of his musical journey at the age of 17 with the release of an album. Subsequently, he moved through recording sessions in various studios in the south of France, gradually unveiling his musical universe to the French audience. His journey is far from ordinary, but it’s precisely this uniqueness that fortifies his strength.

The rapper had already made waves with his track and cinematic video “ILLEGAL,” a six-minute production that gained significant exposure on Trace Urban just before the summer of 2023. Even Lamal El Pistolero, the iconic host of Générations FM, made a brief appearance in the video.

The official release date for the album “Mood Bizarre” is set for October 13th, but it’s already available in CD format on the artist’s website. In the meantime, you can explore the sensational music video for “Bad Habits,” which will also be included in the album. A musical and visual experience that promises to be truly memorable.

Stay tuned for more news and musical gems from RK’M, an artist whose originality and talent continue to surprise and dazzle his audience.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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