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Rim’K tells you about “Demain”!

Unlike many artists from the 90s, Rim’K of 113 stays tuned to the latest urban trends.

Uncle never left rap!

On February 6, 2024, Uncle unveiled the album “Lifat Mat” featuring collaborations with Kekra, Sofiane Pamart, Tif, and Zamdane. Following his track paying tribute to his North African roots, where he shares his “mint tea” with TIF and Sofiane Pamart in the song “Tant Pis”, the artist introduces a fiery collaboration with Alpha Wann on the track “Trap House”. Today, Rim’K releases the second song from his double album “Trap House / Demain”. He makes a notable comeback with “Tomorrow” accompanied by visuals shot in Thailand.

The instrumental composition of the track is credited to the trio Bumble, IssB, and Thxnk. The rapper from the 94th has previously worked with Thxnk on the track “Loup Blanc”. Bumble has had a significant influence on the album “Mustafar” by Luv Resval, featuring numerous collaborations. The production is entirely 2step, a genre that is beginning to take off in France.

Rim’K tells you about “Demain”!

Rim’K strolls through the track with measured egotism and striking truths. At times, the simplicity of the words masks a deep complexity in the rhymes, as well as many symbolic or social meanings.

Under the guise of a 2step track, Rim’K slips in some meaningful punchlines: “Because time always tells the truth / Friendship has scarred me” or “My little one, the oven has no heir”, and with more irony: “I don’t even watch series in full anymore / Might need to start on CBD”.

The visuals for the track, depicting the nightlife in Thailand, are the work of Kamel Gondry and Max 13Studio. The director has previously helmed the first title from his double album featuring Alpha Wann, as well as “Loup Blanc” and his collaboration with Freeze Corleone on “Metaverse”.

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