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R.Baby relase the project “Thugger” !

R.Baby relase the project “Thugger” ! R.Baby, hailing from Pierrefitte, is a musical talent that consistently garners the attention of music enthusiasts. His latest impactful track, titled “Petit éclair,” is imbued with commitment and consciousness, creating a significant impact.

Recently, R.Baby has stood out for his exceptional productivity, releasing a series of music videos that have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube in recent months. His music resonates with captivating authenticity, skillfully portraying the realities of everyday life and establishing a deep connection with his audience. With his most recent music video “Petit éclair” on YouTube, R.Baby unveils his most committed track, strolling through the neighborhood with the melancholy that characterizes those who have lived on the streets.

This track is simultaneously the rapper’s most committed and most melancholic song. R.Baby has already made waves in the media due to his musical versatility, excelling in both street rap and conscious rap, as well as more up-tempo rhythms. The artist has attracted the attention of specialized press, and with “Thugger,” he reveals his true musical identity.

This project is undeniably crowned with success.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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