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Parisian Rapper Filest ! Unveils “Héros” Project

Paris-based rapper Filest! has been making waves in the music scene with his remarkable productivity. Just five months after the release of “Barda,” he’s back with his fourth project in two years, titled “Héros,” which dropped on June 23rd.

Parisian Rapper Filest! Unveils “Héros” Project

Filest! took a unique path to his current musical career. Having initially worked as a stage manager and photographer, he decided to make the transition to music at the age of 30. But what sets Filest! apart from other artists is his storytelling approach. He crafts his lyrics as if he were writing adventures for a film, a book, or a comic book, creating a captivating narrative with each track.

While Filest! started with drill and trap influences, he keeps his ear to the ground, staying attuned to the evolving rap landscape. His influences span the entirety of the rap spectrum, from mainstream to underground, and he incorporates these influences into his distinctive Filest! universe, always maintaining a focus on technical excellence.

“Héros” consists of 16 tracks, and it’s no coincidence that the project carries this title. Filest! approaches his music with the mindset of being the best version of oneself, making each song a heroic journey of self-improvement.

Recorded at BlackBird Studio during the spring, “Héros” features beats exclusively produced by Woosbad, marking their third collaboration after “Protocole” and “Barda.” Their creative synergy shines through in the project.

The release of “Héros” is accompanied by the music video for the track “Félin,” further enhancing the visual and auditory experience of Filest!’s latest musical adventure. With his unique storytelling style and dedication to technical excellence, Filest! continues to be an artist worth keeping an eye on in the ever-evolving world of rap.

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