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Ninho is more rap than ever with “Vinicius” !

Ninho is more rap than ever with “Vinicius”! This is Ninho’s return after the release of his latest album “N.I”. Before achieving the Holy Grail, a diamond record with “Destin”, Ninho was already earning triple platinum certifications from the very beginning with “M.I.L.S I”. Already exceptionally talented, he is now at the pinnacle of rap and continues to multiply his successes. In 2022, he was the most streamed French artist on Spotify alongside Jul and Gazo. He’s making his comeback with the reissue of “N.I” and unveiling the music video for “Vinicius”.

Ninho is more rap than ever!

Throughout his career, the artist has been able to explore his entire repertoire, including softer tracks, but the single “Vinicius” leans more towards a street style. The instrumental composition is the work of BAki, Dorian, and Gabbi. The latter has already produced tracks for Ninho, notably on his latest project with the songs “Griot” and “Mode S Plus”.

The production is minimalist yet rhythmic. The artist, known for putting words to the feelings of youth, has no trouble developing his style. The music video is a true gem directed by Black Anouar, renowned for directing the series “Or Noir” and having previously collaborated with Ninho.

The story unfolds in three destinations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Suriname. A major video from Ninho.

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