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Marabou – A Quoi bon

The world of music is in perpetual evolution, and in this decade of the 2020s, the group Marabou, hailing from the Parisian region, is making waves with their brand-new album titled “Quelle indignité” Comprised of four talented members: Dikho, Polow, L-Kim, and Le Grand Fourmi, the group delivers a musical experience that is both psychedelic and original, reminiscent of the creative genius of the legendary Saïan Supa Crew.

After a period of silence due to the global COVID-19 crisis, Marabou is making a strong comeback with a completely reimagined artistic direction, ready to capture the hearts and minds of their audience.

One of the distinguishing features of Marabou is their commitment to sharing their music with the widest possible audience. As the group asserts, “Music isn’t made for 100 people but for millions.” With this in mind, Marabou plans to unveil a brand-new music video every week for 52 consecutive weeks. This strategy is reminiscent of the success achieved by Moha La Squale and Gradur, who left a lasting mark on the audience with their boundless energy and unrestrained creativity.

Love, a universally resonant theme, lies at the core of Marabou’s music. Their latest single, “À Quoi Bon,” delves into the intricacies of a love breakup. It’s a timeless subject that evokes deep, at times heart-wrenching, emotions. The infinite sadness that accompanies the end of a relationship can be overwhelming, yet it also serves as a poignant reminder of our humanity. “À Quoi Bon” mourns this sorrow but also chooses to look towards the future.

Set against a magnificent composition by Le Grand Fourmi, the lyrics of “À Quoi Bon” weave through an enchanting melody that touches the depths of the heart. The song is an emotional journey, a reflection on the pains and hopes that characterize human relationships.

With “À Quoi Bon” and their ambitious project “Quelle indignité” Marabou demonstrates that they are ready to capture hearts and leave an indelible mark on the French music scene. Their uniqueness, energy, and commitment make them a group worth following closely. So, get ready to dive into the captivating universe of Marabou and be swept away by their enchanting music.

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