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Manté: A Diverse Swiss Musical Journey with “WhatINeed”

Manté, the emerging Swiss artist, has just unveiled her latest captivating single, “WhatINeed” providing a glimpse into her unique and ever-evolving musical journey.

Hailing from Switzerland, Manté was introduced to music from a young age, singing under the watchful eye of her music-loving mother. This musical childhood has left an indelible mark, sowing the seeds of her passion for music.

As a teenager, Manté delved into poetic writing, preserving her early works in notebooks. English became her artistic language, influenced by her love for Anglophone music. In 2021, she decided to breathe life into her lyrics, creating the productions “Green Light” and “WhatINeed,” eventually which remained dormant on her computer until 2023.

In March 2023, the artist took the initiative to bring her compositions out of the shadows. A studio session proved transformative. Three months later, “Green Light” and “WhatINeed” were born, followed by a music video in October 2023.

A collaboration with a beatmaker/mixer led to the creation of “The Grinch” and “B2L,” unveiled in December and January 2024 respectively. The collaboration continues with the upcoming release, “Talking to the Universe,” where Manté leaves her mark in both writing and performance.

Positive reviews accumulate, marking a first promotion in February 2024 with Thisisriviera. On stage, Manté shines at the LAF Festival in Lausanne in September 2023.

Manté describes her style as offering “dreamy R&B with a soulful touch,” occasionally infused with a gentle rap. Her influences, from Amy Winehouse to Angèle, showcase the diverse tapestry of her musical palette.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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