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Lyna Mahyem and Numidia Lezoul delve into the theme of long-distance love.

The artist Lyna Mahyem holds a distinctive position within the French music scene. Following a contemplative period at Def Jam regarding her artistic journey, she breaks free and rediscovers the personality that shaped her strength. Numerous young girls feel a connection with the values and themes addressed by Lyna, perhaps embodying this feminine youth better than anyone, often concealed behind anonymity. Her recent collaboration with Numidia Lezoul, an Algerian singer, is an endeavor to narrate the story of a loving couple despite borders.

Lyna Mahyem and Numidia Lezoul delve into the theme of long-distance love.

Presented as a fable with a genuine storytelling approach, Lyna and Numidia Lezoul engage in a dialogue with their respective styles. The instrumental composition of the track is crafted by Ghezali and Young Bouba. The latter, a renowned beatmaker, has collaborated with artists such as Kaaris, Gradur, and Imen ES, the singer from Sèvres, on tracks like “La Go” and “Fantôme”. The composition resonates as a ballad tinged with melancholy.
The two artists narrate a love story between a man and a woman, unfolding between Algeria and France. Lyna, of Algerian origin, addresses a delicate subject affecting many women today, who, as usual, often lack media coverage. The music video for the song has already garnered 6 million views.

Directed by Nono, the video emphasizes a dreamlike dimension with dance scenes and photography oriented towards the “luminous”. The director has previously collaborated with Sensey on the video for “Parcours”. An aesthete worth discovering!

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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