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LOBA: The New Voice of South Districts of Marseille

Loba, hailing from the southern neighborhoods of Marseille, draws inspiration from the streets that witnessed her childhood and the challenges of her personal life. Through her music and voice, she conveys messages of resilience, emancipation, and hope, speaking to a generation in search of authenticity and truth.

She emerges as the fresh voice of the South districts of Marseille, signed under the Sous X Records label, adopting the name “Loba Lisa“. This artist draws from her personal story and aspirations of emancipation.

LOBA: The New Voice of South Districts of Marseille

The rapper began her musical career at a young age by joining the group Nos Vices 2 Rue, alongside Naro, Naps, and Kaz, while still a high school student. Her inspiration comes from the poetry and depth of words, with diverse influences ranging from French rap pioneers like la Fonky Family, Psy 4 de la Rime, and Diam’s, to artists like Linda Lemay, Francis Cabrel, and Charles Aznavour.

However, her journey in the music industry is fraught with challenges, leading her to prematurely end her promising career. After years in the shadows and overcoming tough trials, Loba reappears with determination to reclaim the stage and win the hearts of the public.

She makes a grand comeback with the track “Loba Lisa“, produced by Valentino, a talented young beatmaker known for placements in advertisements and collaborations with trending rappers. The mix is crafted by Jack Honey Music under the supervision of Bélo l’ingé. The instrumental composition reflects the essence of contemporary Marseille rap, being both socially engaged and celebratory.

In her powerful single, Loba highlights her identity as a strong woman and her exceptional journey. It’s a true message of hope for a youth seeking guidance amidst the current chaos. Loba takes a prominent place in this video, asserting her strength and style with tremendous charisma.

In this visual masterpiece signed by Réflexeyes Création, we follow Loba in Marseille, experiencing her life as an artist and witnessing her thunderous reentry into a game she never truly abandoned.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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