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Lemon Haze returns to the roots of French rap with ‘Harry Kane’

Lemon Haze continues its momentum following the release of the album ‘Quotidien’, unveiling single after single. Call it piano and violin rap, or boom bap if you prefer, but the artist from Nanterre pours his flow into his latest single ‘Harry Kane’. A true gem, a return to the roots.

Lemon Haze returns to the roots of French rap with ‘Harry Kane’.

With a flow that hits like a drum, on the instrumental production of Haram Beatz reminiscent of the 90s’ productions, and well-crafted lyrics, Lemon Haze finds a magical recipe that distinguishes him among his contemporaries.

The classic music video, directed by Djo Réa, follows Lemon Haze in his neighborhood to evoke his experiences. Djo Réa, who directed the ‘WeLaRue #8’ of Da Uzi and recently collaborated with Hornet La Frappe, delivers a production that perfectly complements the track.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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