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Lé Will & Deuspi – LAJAN

Lé Will & Deuspi immerse us in a tribal universe with “LAJAN.”!Lé Will & Deuspi are two rappers from Martinique. They unveiled their first album “Veyron” last June, an album that enjoyed considerable success, thanks in large part to a significant collaboration with Kodes from the group Seven Binks. Recently, they made their comeback with the single “Lajan.”

Lé Will & Deuspi immerse us in a tribal universe with “LAJAN.”!

This Martinique duo appreciates blending genres. The music video begins with an operatic ambiance before visually and musically transitioning into a tribal atmosphere. Over an entirely electric instrumental production signed by Mikado, who also composed “Bad Boy” for Krissy, the two artists immerse us in their world. Exceptionally original, with a highly distinctive atmosphere, this track is simply impressive.

The video, featuring cinematic photography by Tom Menetrey for Karma Music, is also breathtaking, shifting between opera, dance, and ambiance.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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