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Kery James Advocates for Gaza’s Liberation

Kery James Advocates for Gaza’s Liberation. For several months, Kery James, the melancholic, has presented the soundtrack of Banlieusard 2. He has just released an exclusive track in response to the urgent events.

Since the Hamas attacks in Israel, the Israeli State has been pursuing an intensive bombing policy in Gaza without regard for humanitarian law. After months of bombings, with over 20,000 casualties and fears of famine, France and the United Nations are calling for a ceasefire.

Undoubtedly, the Likud‘s policy in Gaza, which seems to take the form of revenge, will leave a lasting impact on the hearts of the Palestinians and generate bigger long-term issues.

Kery James Advocates for Gaza’s Liberation

Kery James has been involved in various causes. After a “thug” but committed start to his career with Ideal J, he became France’s first conscious rapper in 2001 with the album si c’était à refaire. His school of thought has given rise to other artists like Youssoupha, Médine, Brav, and Tiers Monde, each of whom, in their own style, has never ceased their activism. Many other rappers have, at one point, listened to Kery James. And as Lino suggests at the twilight of the Hip-Hop movement: “Who claims to do rap without taking a stance.”

In the face of the Gaza disaster, after PNL, Kery James had the duty to express himself without engaging in politics, “like a black poet,” with words that convey everything.

Beneath this track “Comment ça va ?“, Kery James elaborates in the YouTube description: “When I went to Palestine, no Palestinian asked me for money. What mattered to them was that I could use my voice and the platform offered to me as an artist and public figure to ensure that the injustice they endure is not denied and they are not consigned to the dustbin of history. I did it, at the risk of my career. Do it in your turn and share, so that we are no longer millions feeling alone.”

The instrumental production of the track was signed by Redzol and Sokhan. The former has collaborated extensively with Médine and Brav’, and was also part of Kery James‘s journey as he composed the track “Marianne.” Sokhan produced “Le Poète Noir” by Kery James and has also worked extensively alongside the singer Hiro. Together, they create a masterful and melancholic instrumental production, far from the beats of the rap game. Kery James, already matured since 2002, delivers a poetic chant accordingly, without indulging in empty self-promotion. By choosing metaphors and poetry to express the inexpressible, the artist delivers an exceptional and subtle performance without descending into heavy-handed activism.

Directed by Cristo Liquide, the video features Kery James reciting his lyrics against a blue backdrop. The text of his lyrics scrolls in both English and Arabic, following the rhythm of his voice. Cristo Liquide also directed the video for “Je Peux by Kery James.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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