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Kaneki drop the “Intro” of his new project !

Kaneki drop the “Intro” of his new project ! Following the release of their project “Ce que je vis” in 2022, the artist has just announced their new project “4real”, set to be released on October 6th. The rapper from 91 has also revealed the tracklist for their new project, which includes a collaboration with Ninho, as well as featuring artists Jey Brownie, Naps, and WaïV.

The rapper unveils “l’intro” of their new project!

The artist, who had previously collaborated with Ninho on the track “Jules César”, has just presented the song “Intro” from “4Real”. Composed by Simelo, the instrumental production is deeply melancholic, driven by piano notes.

Through this track, the artist takes us on an inner journey and shares their feelings about the life they lead. The video, directed by Bien Vu Prod, takes the form of a visual narrative. It’s worth noting that a choir on the chorus evokes gospel, a musical style appreciated by some American artists such as Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar in some of their songs.

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