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Kabbsky evokes his “Douleurs”!

In the vast realm of French rap, DJ Kore stands among the forefront figures. The producer distinguishes himself in France by having collaborated with heavyweights such as Booba and Rohff, a rarity in the field. His footprint in music production is as significant as that of Therapy or Flem. However, today, as his protege Zola garners attention, the producer returns with an exceptional project: “Friends & Family”. In the prestigious lineage of compilations like “Première Classe” and “Hostile”, a concept now embraced by Sofiane, Jul, and DJ Quick, he conceives a collaborative project teeming with unreleased tracks. The essence of “Friends & Family”, compared to other collective projects, lies in creating original synergies, fostering collaborations between artists and producers to venture off the beaten path. The 6th episode, signed by Kabbsky, has just been unveiled.

Kabbsky evokes his “Douleurs”!

Kabbsky hails from the neighborhood of Bois-Colombes. Before settling in the 92, he grew up in Angola, his home country. Immersed in rap from a young age through writing, he has been crafting his texts since the age of 12. In the 92, he discovers Drill and Jersey, influenced by artists such as Travis Scott, Laylow, or the forerunner of “Drill FR”, Gazo. He quickly unveils his first single, “Kamabau Drill 01”. The year 2023 marks a turning point for Kabbsky, who subsequently releases the projects “2007” and “Idyllic”.

The musical production of the track is signed by Freddy K. This beatmaker, credited with Jok’air, Vacra, Hatik, Nahir, Luv Resval, So La Lune, Diddi Trix, enjoys immense respect within the young rap scene. Recently, he collaborated on the track “Coucou” by Vacra, extracted from the album “Galatée”. He offers a simple composition, with a guitar arpeggio loop in the background, complementing the gentle voice of Kabbsky. As anticipated, the artist, in “Pain”, deviates from the beaten path. After excelling in Drill, he successfully ventures into urban singing, a style popularized by Ninho and Booba.

In the visual aspect, Kabbsky expresses his “Pains” in a poetic setting, in the corner of an empty room. The direction is signed by MAKESOME.ONE. This track is arguably the most melancholic of the “Friends & Family” compilation, whose journey begins with an electric energy thanks to the participation of Guy2bezbar on a vibrant instrumental production.

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