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Juste Shani in her “Nuits Blanches”!

Most artists create business cards at the beginning of their careers to showcase their capabilities. If they’re rappers, they’ll be both tender and “street” to demonstrate they can influence the industry while staying true to themselves. Juste Shani has decided to introduce herself on her business card. She has just unveiled the first episode of an EP trilogy titled “Nuits Blanches”. With five tracks culminating in an “Epilogue”, Juste Shani delves into her demons in the Parisian nights. The first music video from the EP, the eponymous track, has just been released.

Juste Shani in her “Nuits Blanches”!

The track was composed by Nicolas Perrault, alias K.Oni. The beatmaker collaborated with the founder of Assassin, Rockin’ Squat, on “PP”, “Error 520”, and “Yin & Yang”. The track is driven by a heavily muffled bass roll, accompanied by some guitar arpeggios. The overall effect is somewhat ethereal.

The singer’s voice carries, yet it is elusive. It’s likely the effect Juste Shani wanted to achieve, as an atypical artist navigating the crosscurrents of music. With “Nuits Blanches”, the first extract from an intimate and autobiographical series, the artist delves into a part of her personality.

The video relies on creativity rather than a large budget. It was directed by Saron Resom, a student from ESRA, with a background in the short film scene. She notably directed the short film “Le Rythme Feu de Camp” last year. The short film follows the storytelling established by the singer in “Nuits Blanches”, as it follows Juste Shani from evening to morning during a night out. By focusing on Juste Shani‘s character, it emphasizes “solitude amidst everyone”.

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