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joysad bares his soul in “Heureusement”!

joysad bares his soul in “Heureusement”! He’s a rapper endowed with great eloquence and exceptional flow. As creative as he is proficient in the French language, joysad has remained discreet since the release of his album “Transparent” in 2022. When RedBull asked him about his influences in 2022, he replied: It’s difficult to precisely define my influences; I come from a small provincial town, and there are so many things that resonate with me. It’s not surprising, therefore, that he’s making a comeback with “Heureusement,” a piano-vocal track that reflects our struggles to endure at times. A track that stands out in an era when some rappers indulge in self-centered, creatine-fueled speeches.

joysad bares his soul in “Heureusement”!

joysad excels in all styles of production. A rapper and peerless lyricist, he has chosen the piano-vocal format to express his vulnerabilities and disgust at the prevailing selfishness. The instrumental composition of the track was crafted by Daddy Jo and Ricci Luigi. Daddy Jo is a beatmaker from the Paris region, having notably collaborated with 1Pliké140 on tracks like “CHIRAQ” and “BLC,” as well as with Shootas and Tiakola. Ricci Luigi has primarily worked with joysad on songs such as “Oh ma belle” and “Eh Petit.” The track is carried by gentle piano notes, and the rapper accompanies them effortlessly, without forcing.

joysad addresses his aversion to certain aspects of everyday life, like when his cousins watch Hanouna. He is one of the first rappers to candidly discuss psychological issues. In the past, artists like Keny Arkana created “Eh connard,” while Diam’s also touched on some difficulties in her track “I am Somebody,” from her latest album.

The video was directed by Pierre Gounin, who has recently worked on videos with artists such as Kerchak, Alonzo, Mademoiselle Lou, and Koba LaD

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