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Jierka, Dibson, So La Zone, Le D, Adeal, Skandy, Missan, NIC, Le X – Daytona

KORNER, the cutting-edge urban music label, is proud to present “Daytona”, the latest fiery single from JIERKA. More than just a track, “Daytona” is a true revolution in the Marseille rap universe, marking the climax of a collaboration between emerging and established talents in the French urban scene.

In this single, JIERKA, the rising star of the KORNER label, leads an urban symphony alongside eight promising artists from Marseille: Dibson, Missan, NIC, Adeal, Skandy, So la zone, Le D, and Le X. Each artist contributes their unique touch, creating a rich and diverse soundscape. Together, they have amassed over 50 million streams, testifying to their significant impact on the urban music world.

“Daytona” stands out with its harmonious blend of powerful kicks and captivating melodies. The chorus, a skillful mix of rhythm and lyricism, perfectly captures the essence of the Marseille style. Produced by L’Adjoint, a renowned composer, the track is distinguished by its high-quality production, combining innovation with musical tradition.

This track brings a breath of fresh air to the Marseille scene, offering a refreshing and dynamic auditory experience. “Daytona” invites a rediscovery of Marseille rap from a new perspective, celebrating the creativity and talent that define this bustling city.

The single “Daytona” is now available on all streaming platforms. It stands as a must-listen for all fans of rap and urban music, embodying the vitality and innovation characteristic of Marseille rap.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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