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Jewel Usain’s First Solo Album: “Je reste là”

Jewel Usain is gearing up to release his very first solo album. After years of hard work and over 50 tour dates, he’s already unveiling the first extract from this album, titled Jewel Usain’s First Solo Album: “Je reste là”. This song, with gospel influences, was composed by StillNas and BGRZ. The former is a French beatmaker who has collaborated with artists such as Dinos, while the latter has already contributed to tracks on the albums of PLK and MHD. The instrumental production skillfully blends rap and melody, perfectly reflecting the rapper’s style.

The video, directed by his collaborator Kidhao, marks the beginning of a narrative that will accompany the entire album. Like other contemporary artists such as SCH or Beyoncé, Jewel Usain has chosen to blend music, storytelling, and visuals to create an immersive artistic experience.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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