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In “Fiinalement”, Bekar and SDM shine brilliantly.

Emerging from the vibrant North of France, more specifically from the lively streets of Lille, Bekar made a grand entrance to the public eye during the Main Square festival four years ago. In front of a crowd of 5,000 souls, the artist delivered a memorable performance, a moment he nostalgically describes in a poignant interview for “Lille La Nuit”: “My first foray into the festival world was an unforgettable spectacle. Faced with a sea of spectators, the initial apprehension quickly gave way to sheer euphoria from the very first notes played, overwhelmed by the warm reception from an extraordinarily receptive audience.”

The curtain has been lifted on the much-anticipated sequel to “Plus Fort”, by Bekar himself.

The success of the first part of “Plus Fort”, selling nearly 5,000 copies in the first few weeks, reflects the deep resonance of its melancholically tinted melodies and meticulously crafted lyrics with its audience. Recently, the Lille prodigy has come back strong, expanding his musical horizon with notable collaborations, especially with SDM and Lesram.

In a recent revelation, the video for his joint work with SDM was unveiled, marking an exceptional collaboration between two phenomenal talents.

In “Finalement”, Bekar and SDM shine brilliantly.

Orchestrated by Myth Syzer and Wladimir Pariente, the composition of the track transports the listener. Myth Syzer, an emblematic figure of the Bon Gamin collective, and Wladimir Pariente, wearing the dual hat of beatmaker and keyboardist, have combined their talents to create a soundscape where melody and emotion intertwine, thus providing an ideal platform for artistic expression.

Alternating between confidence and introspection, Bekar and SDM deliver verses marked by both bold and nuanced egotrip, accompanied by an instrumentation that subtly wraps around their musings:

“It’s just me and my guts in my army,
It’s not the life we want, but it’s the life we lead.”

The visual production, signed by Augustin Dupuis & Léo Odekerken, adds an extra dimension to this work. Léo Odekerken, a close collaborator of Bekar, stood out with his crucial contribution to the creation of the duo with Georgio on the track “Basquiat”, a tribute to the artistic icon often considered a precursor to the Hip Hop movement in art.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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