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Igor LDT – Shooter

IGOR LDT, whose full name is Lascar de Tess, has just made a strong impact with his latest track titled “Shooter.” This seasoned rapper is only reaffirming his place in the world of rap, and he didn’t choose his stage name by chance. Nicknamed “le lascar” since his early childhood, Igor decided to incorporate this nickname into his artist name, adding “de tess,” which not only completes his name but also asserts his unique artistic universe.

IGOR LDT is not a newcomer to the rap game. He has been showcasing his talent for over four years, especially on YouTube, where he has shared numerous excerpts since 2014. Although he took his time to release his first project, Igor is an artist who prioritizes quality over haste. He began his music career over ten years ago, at the age of 13, when he wrote his first lyrics. His passion for music drove him to pursue it after being a devoted listener for many years.

IGOR LDT‘s influences are diverse, and he has drawn from various musical styles to create his distinctive sound. Among the artists who have inspired and influenced him are iconic figures in the French rap scene, such as Salif, La Fouine, Kaaris, Lacrim, and the group 113. He also mentions his friend and collaborator, ALP, as a major influence on his musical journey.

With his new track “Shooter,” IGOR LDT continues to shine in the world of French rap. The track, composed by Rednose & Yann Dakta, is accompanied by a video directed by Jules Bizal. Yann Dakta & Rednose, formerly known as Abis Musique, are two beatmakers who have been collaborating since 2016. They have worked with Sadek and PNL.

The artist, who has shown perseverance and dedication to quality, promises an exceptional musical experience for his listeners. Stay tuned for more updates from IGOR LDT, as he is ready to mark a significant milestone in his career.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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