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Hugo TSR fearlessly embraces “La pluie” (the rain)!

On December 8th, the eminent figure in French rap, Hugo TSR, unveiled his latest project, aptly named “Jeudi”, featuring collaborations with the likes of Loko, Jazzy Bazz, and Sofiane Pamart. Known for his mastery of boom bap and sharp lyricism, Hugo TSR has made a triumphant return with the release of his latest single, “La pluie”, signaling his forthcoming album slated for May 31st.

Hugo TSR fearlessly embraces “La pluie” (the rain)!

The instrumental production of this track was meticulously crafted by Hugo TSR himself. Driven by deep bass tones and a socially resonant rhythm, the artist delivers a barrage of thought-provoking punchlines: “La violence, c’est la parole des faibles; chaque jour, j’m’affaiblis” (Violence is the language of the weak; every day, I weaken).

There’s no ambiguity in Hugo TSR’s words; he stands as a torchbearer for the previous generation of French rap, advocating for social commentary and authentic engagement through his lyrics: “Ils deviennent cistes-ra, ils rêvent eux-mêmes d’être des braqueurs / J’sais d’quoi j’parle, j’suis tombé sur des tas d’keufs” (They become boxers, they dream of being robbers themselves / I know what I’m talking about, I’ve come across plenty of cops). His refrain serves as a stark reminder amidst the noise of conspiracy theorists and misinformation: “J’écoute que la pluie, je sais qu’elle ne ment pas” (I only listen to the rain, I know it doesn’t lie).

Remaining true to his signature style, Hugo TSR maintains his charisma and authenticity. The music video for “La pluie” was expertly crafted by Ulysse Paya, notable for its raw authenticity despite the powerful effects utilized. This rising star in the realm of Hip Hop cinematography has previously collaborated with “le 3ème oeil” for their triumphant return with “Dans la zone”.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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