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Haitch – Zodiac 

Haitch, formerly known as HPO, is an iconic figure in Liège and Belgian rap, recognized for his ability to captivate audiences with powerful lyrics, charismatic flow, and original melodies. His stage presence is particularly remarkable, as proven by his fiery performance at the Les Ardentes festival, where pogos and moshpits were the norm, showcasing the electrifying energy he exudes on stage.

The artist, who has established himself as a respected OG rapper with his previous EP “Straatshit Straatlife,” immerses the listener in his unique universe. This EP highlighted his roots in trap and drill, genres in which he excels.

With “Zodiac,” his latest title, Haitch continues his momentum, offering a true lesson in rap. This track is the logical continuation of his last single “Réseau.” In “Zodiac,” Haitch skillfully uses two verses to open up personally and present his world in a more intimate way. The title alludes to themes like the port, transactions, and cooking, central elements in his daily lexicon. Like a Zodiac navigating the sea, he delivers his theme in a fluid and captivating manner.

The structure of “Zodiac” is particularly effective, with a pre-chorus and chorus distinguished by precisely placed melodies on the instrumental. These elements, combined with his distinct lyrical style, make the track both memorable and impressive.

Beyond the music, Haitch demonstrates an ability to create a deep connection with his audience, whether through his storytelling lyrics or his contagious energy on stage. “Zodiac” is not just a song, it’s an immersive experience that perfectly encapsulates Haitch’s talent and passion for his art. With this release, Haitch continues to solidify his position as a major artist in the Belgian rap landscape, and it’s clear he has much more to offer to his fans and the world of music.

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