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GLK – Parabellum

After the release of his album “Karma” in 2021, GLK ventured to “join the men of reason” in the shadows of the show business. This year, he made a grand comeback by unveiling two new tracks in quick succession, “MBappé” and “140K”. He continues his momentum with “Parabellum”. This title exhibits a softer side compared to its predecessors.

The track was produced by Arty, a French pianist and beatmaker, who has notably collaborated with Maes and Gazo. The piece has a cloud-like touch, where GLK, in a melancholic manner, reflects on his experiences in the street environment.

The music video was filmed in the favelas by Fanatik Prod. It’s a very promising title that could herald a future project.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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