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Gamji unveils “Grandir”!

He distinguishes himself from the artists who dominate the rap game. Gamji restores the nobility of writing in music. His influences range from Hermann Hesse to Charles Aznavour. The project of Sofiane Pamart, the piano virtuoso, and Scylla represents his greatest influence today. For behind the name Gamji hides an artist who navigates between piano and voice in a style that honors French song and appreciates artists with sharp words.

Gamji unveils “Grandir”!

The artist has just revealed a new EP. “Grandir” lives up to its name. Amidst a few piano notes, he retraces his biography in music, moving through each phase of his existence. From his childhood to his doubts and joys, the artist’s narrative is universal; it speaks to all those who, like him, transition from childhood to adulthood in that transient and challenging phase we call youth. In “Max”, the second track of this EP, he becomes the spokesperson for a youth aspiring to success in music. By simply expressing the aspirations of his youth, by slipping into different bodies, different lives, trying to embody each one, the artist also aspires to “Grandir”.
From the amorous friendship of “L” to the early childhood of “Grandir”, its eponymous title, the artist tells the stories of youth in a project that echoes Ghostface Killah‘s “36 seasons”, SCH‘s “JVLIVS”, or even Beyoncé‘s “Lemonade”, piece by piece.

Interesting references like Miyazaki, universal themes that speak to a youth in search of landmarks.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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