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Gambino is a ‘Traficante’!

Gambino is a ‘Traficante‘!In 2022, Gambino unveiled ‘La Fusée‘. Since then, the rapper has been releasing a series of singles and has just revealed the latest one, titled ‘Traficante‘, in a style that has made him successful.

Gambino is a ‘Traficante‘!

The rapper has already created his own label, ‘TND‘. He controls every step of the production of his tracks. He composed the instrumental for his latest title himself. This single is extremely rhythmic and falls within the ambiant wave coming from Marseille. Let’s not forget that the artist did a feature with Jul on the track ‘VNTM‘.

The production is also credited to TND. By concentrating all the power in his hands, Gambino makes a strong comeback with the single ‘Traficante‘, which is pleasant to listen to.

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