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Franglish envisions “Si t’es pas là”!

After the release of “Mood 3” in 2023, Franglish makes a comeback with “Si t’es pas là”, a single full of strength and melody. The title marks Franglish‘s return to the forefront of the music scene.

Franglish envisions “Si t’es pas là”!

The instrumental composition of the track is crafted by StillNaS and BGRZ. The former is a beatmaker who collaborated with Dadju on “Intention” and with 13Block on “Balayer”. He has previously worked with Franglish on the track “Ex”. BGRZ is a French composer who collaborates with PLK, Bramsito, and MHD. The track is gentle, full of melody, and of exquisite finesse. In this single, the artist tells a beautiful love story, a topic dear to Franglish. In front of Emmy from Mouv’ in 2022, Franglish suggests that his little secret is to “put himself in the shoes” of his partner.

He seems to have another technique, as his track “Si t’es pas là” is a true success. Soft, sung, and melodic, it transcends the boundaries of the Hip Hop movement by breaking free from categories and trends. This is undoubtedly what explains the success of Franglish, who received a platinum record for “Mood”.

The visual, poetic, and quite classic aspect was created by Keazy. The director is in tune with the times, having directed the two clips from the collaborative album between Zola and Koba LaD with “Temps en temps” and “Aller sans retour”, as well as the clip for “Mignon tout plein” by PLK.

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