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Elyon is he contemplating the creation of an artistic concept?

Since leaving the “Nouvelle école” institution, artist Elyon has been showcasing an unprecedented level of creativity. After introducing his track “Ouverture,” he unveils the piece “Ne m’aimez pas.” This latest release maintains a style that fluctuates between rock and rap, drawing inspiration from the trajectory of Eminem, a pioneer in this genre since his debut album featuring the single “Rock bottom.” Several other compositions such as “Beautiful” and “Berzerk” have followed, contributing to the exploration of this style.

Is he contemplating the creation of an artistic concept?

The prominence of the track “Ouverture,” preceding “Ne m’aimez pas,” suggests the beginning of a scripted album, echoing the artistic concept perfected by Ghostface Killah in his album “36 seasons.” At the core of “Ne m’aimez pas,” the artist recounts the conclusion of a passionate love story now concluded. Could specialization in this domain be envisaged, akin to the “Hrtbrk” boy, Kaza?

The instrumental composition of the song is the work of Elyon, Clément Artig, and Loubenski. Clément Artig, a sound engineer at the Noble Art studio, is renowned for his collaboration with Sean, especially on tracks like “Pourquoi moi ?” or “Les oiseaux tombent du ciel.” Loubenski, also known as Clément Loubens, is particularly praised for his collaborations with Nekfeu on all his albums since “Feu.” The composition, blending authentic instruments and rap rhythms, provides a backdrop to Elyon‘s languid and poignant vocals, laying the foundations for his storytelling.

As for the visual aspect, once again, it’s Elyon orchestrating the whole. The artist has taken charge of every aspect of production. The visual, minimalist and created against a red backdrop, follows in the footsteps of the covers of “Ouverture” and “Ne m’aimez pas.” Similar to the “Red” of Kieslowski’s cinematic trilogy, it evokes passion and fury.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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