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Doc Gyneco has released the track “Prince Charmant”!

Doc Gyneco has released the track “Prince Charmant“!It’s a time that those under 20 cannot know. In the late 90s, Doc Gyneco unveiled his album “Première consultation” and achieved a double platinum record. He continued his momentum with “Liaisons dangereuses.” Doc Gyneco wields an impertinent and politically incorrect language. More than 20 years later, he returns with “Prince Charmant.”

Doc Gyneco has released the track “Prince Charmant“!

The song was composed by B. Beausir, M. Cassel, and S. Green. Mathias Cassel is the other name of RCKNSQT, who was associated with Doc’s return. S. Green is precisely credited on RCKNSQT’s latest album. The composition has a rather slow tempo, like a contemporary ballad. The sounds used by the composer evoke some of the tracks from his debut album. In his lyrics, Doc Gyneco hasn’t lost his knack for rhymes or his caustic wit.

He tells a fairy tale that isn’t quite what it seems. The visual, signed by Sylvain Tardiveau, plays with this image. Sylvain Tardiveau is also close to the leader of the Assassin group.

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