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Discover Dadju and Zola’s Romantic Collaboration

Dadju and Zola had announced this collaboration some time ago. This song is taken from “La gelée royale,” the reissue of Cullinan,” Dadju‘s album. Zola, DJ Kore’s protege, had to adapt to Dadju‘s R&B style, which has evolved into a more open style since his solo debut with “Gentleman 2.0.” The song is smooth and R&B, showcasing Dadju and Zola in a romantic mode.

Zola & Dadju : A love song !

The instrumental production of this song is the work of SHK, a beatmaker from “Épinay-sur-Seine.” He doesn’t limit himself to R&B, having collaborated with artists such as “Freeze Corleone” and “Alonzo.” The instrumental production of this track is soft and melodic.

No ego trip in this song; Dadju and Zola offer us a romantic ballad under the visual direction of YC. The quality of the video’s images and photography is exceptional and highly stylized. The director has a distinct artistic identity and has created a video perfectly in harmony with this exceptionally refined song.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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